4 new faculty join CBGP

Please help us welcome Felix Fischer from the Department of Chemistry, Sanjay Kumar from Bioengineering, CBGP graduate Evan Miller from the Departments of Chemistry and MCB, and Ke Xu from the Department of Chemistry!

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Welcome Professor Amy Herr to CBGP

Professor Amy Herr is from the department of Bioengineering.

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Professors Stanley and Mofrad join CBGP

Welcome CBGP’s two newest faculty:

Sarah Stanley from the School of Public Health, and Mohammad Mofrad from the departments of BioEngineering and Mechanical Engineering.

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Welcome incoming class of 2012-13!

From Chemistry:
  • David Litt
  • Omer Ad
  • Allegra Aron
  • Spencer Knight
  • Kuenhong Jeong
  • Thom Brewer
From MCB:
  • Shion An
  • Cameron Baker
  • Jared Bard
  • Ryan Forster
  • Jase Gehring
  • Ethan McSpadden
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